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Page 22

  • Verifications - Evidences; proofs; testimonies

  • The less Christian, and the more secularly humanistic our society becomes, the less trust there will be in others. Why?

    to the strong, healthy, and mature, but also to the weak, sick, and defenseless. All human life is sacred in all conditions from conception to death.

    The biblical principle of the value and sacredness of human life has deeply influenced our country's history and the historic life-affirming stance of the medical profession. Today, secular humanism denies the sacredness of human life, lowering life's value to the level of human debate regarding its being wanted, useful, or worthwhile. Abortion and euthanasia are sad verifications of this truth. While many physicians still serve as life-supporting agents, others are also active as death-promoting instruments.

      A medical doctor made the following true but frightening statement in a recent speech at a hospital society meeting.

      "Historically, our country's people haye trusted the medical profession as people dedicated to the promotion of life; they have trusted our hospitals as institutions for the preservation of life; they have trusted their families as those most deeply concerned about their life; and they have trusted their society as one which valued life. This trust was taken for granted as a rich benefit of the Judeo-Christian value structure of our country based upon faith in God and His Word which underscored the sacredness of human life.


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