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Page 222

MINISTERS OF THE WORD (Teaching Elders, Bishops, or Pastors)

    1. Preach and teach God's Word

    2. Administer God's sacraments - Holy Baptism and the Lord's Supper

    3. Pray for the congregation

    4. Help govern the church with the elders

    5. Visit, teach, warn, and comfort the families of the congregation

      Ordained ministers of the Word can be further classified according to the following specializations of service:

      a. Pastors - local congregations

      b. Professors of theology - defense and exposition of true doctrine; training of future ministers

      c. Evangelists (not to be confused with the extraordinary office with special gifts) - home missions

      d. Missionaries - foreign missions

ELDERS (Ruling Elders)

    1. Rule and govern the church with the minister

    2. Uphold and defend the doctrine of God's Word in the teachings of the church and in the lives of its members

    3. Assist the minister in visiting, instructing, warning, and comforting the families of the congregation

    4. Assist in leading church worship services (read sermons) when there are ministerial vacancies or absences

    5. Assist the minister in catechetical instruction or supervision as required


    1. Collect, deposit, and properly account for all financial gifts donated to the church

    2. Visit and care for the poor of the congregation, both materially and spiritually

    3. Distribute appropriate funds to reliable charities as need requires


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