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the motive underlying this decision is crucial. The intent must never be to promote the death of the person, but to promote his welfare - providing for his clearness of mind, physical rest, family comfort, and spiritual awareness as much as is humanly possible during his dying hours.

4. These principles must be carefully exercised in consultation with all medical advice available and in a spirit of true dependency upon, and prayer to, the Lord. We must be deeply conscious of our need for divine guidance in such serious circumstances. We need the Lord to graciously nurture a discerning spirit of faith and submission in our hearts, a spirit of faith which does not rule out the possibility of God's miraculous help through use of His means, but also a spirit of submission which seeks to submit to, rather than fight against, God's will, even when facing approaching death.

Premeditated murder not only includes abortion and euthanasia; it also pertains to suicide. Suicide is self-murder, the willful taking of one's own life. It expresses rebellion against God. Suicide is a deliberate refusal to submit to God's will. If the person dies immediately, it is a crime which allows no time for repentance.

When viewing God's Word and its truths regarding God, man, salvation, and eternity, there is no such thing as an unimportant, unnoticed, or useless life. The Bible provides four examples of persons who committed suicide, but all four were unbelievers who ended in self, not in God; in the despair of self, not in the hope of Christ. The four biblical examples are Saul (I Samuel 31:4), Ahithophel (II Samuel 17:23), Zirnri (I Kings 16:18), and Judas Iscariot (Matthew 27:3-5).

Today, some secular humanistic groups are advocating the right of a person to take his own life. However, their thoughts in this regard are both wrong and rebellious. Our life is not our own; it is a gift of God for which we are accountable. Life is given by God and may only be taken back by Him. When properly viewing God as the Creator and Upholder of life, a person understands that he has no more right to end his own life than that of another individual.


Then said Saul unto his armourbearer, Draw thy sword, and thrust me through therewith; lest these uncircumcised come and thrust me through, and abuse me. But his armourbearer would not; for he was sore afraid. Therefore Saul took a sword, and fell upon it.

- I Samuel 31:4

And when Ahithophel saw that his counsel was not followed, he saddled his ass, and arose, and gat him home to his house, to his city, and put his household in order, and hanged himself, and died, and was buried in the sepulchre of his father.

- II Samuel 17:23

And it came to pass, when Zimri saw that the city was taken, that he went into the palace of the king's house, and burnt the king's house over him with fire, and died.

- I Kings 16:18

Then Judas, which had betrayed Him, when he saw that He was condemned, repented himself, and brought again the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders,

Saying, I have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood. And they said, What is that to us? see thou to that.

And he cast down the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself.

- Matthew 27:3-5


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