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    Joyce, an American, has been touring France for three weeks. When visiting the Eiffel Tower, she sees a girl stepping out of a car which has an American-flag sticker mounted on the windshield. She approaches her and both girls feel an immediate bond and trust.

    How can doctrinal standards be a means of establishing trust and confidence in biblical matters, just as measurement and flag standards did in this natural matters?

The Reformed church denominations originating from the Netherlands have adopted three doctrinal standards. They are frequently called The Three Forms of Unity because they express the unity of faith found in all believers of their scripturally-based teachings. While some more actively promote and use these doctrinal standards and others tend to ignore them or parts of them, yet all Reformed denominations of Dutch origin officially recognize The Three Forms of Unity as their denominational doctrinal standards. These three standards are:

  • The Belgic Confession of Faith
  • The Heidelberg Catechism
  • The Canons of Dordt

The following paragraphs provide brief summaries of the history and content of each of the three Reformed doctrinal standards.

The Belgic (or Netherlands) Confession of Faith

The Belgic Confession of Faith was written by Guido de Bres in 1561, when he was thirty-nine years of age. During a time of persecution, de Bres wrote the confession and packaged it with a

What dangers are produced by the following?

  • Never examining the differences between Reformed denominations

  • Only dwelling on the points of difference between Reformed denominations

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