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From a secular humanist's view, each person being a god to himself, it is very difficult to argue that suicide is wrong. Why?

From a Christian's view, suicide is very wrong. Why?

How does this story remarkably parallel the conversion account of the Philippian jailor in Acts 16?

Several accounts could be related of God's remarkably saving one of His children from committing suicide, as the following example illustrates:

    A formerly wealthy young man, who had wasted his fortunes in wild living, was reduced to poverty. Wandering about in poverty, deserted by his former "friends," and seeing no meaningful future, he made the dreadful decision to drown himself.

    He proceeded to a large nearby river for this terrible purpose, but decided he would wait until it was dark. As he waited, he noticed several people entering a house nearby, and decided to walk past the place. He heard singing, and being curious, stepped inside.

    God in His remarkable providence had directed him to a small, weeknight worship service. After singing, the minister proclaimed his text from Acts 16:28, "Do thyself no harm"! The appropriateness and power of this service overcame him, and the Lord blessed these words to his heart, converting him from sin to God.

    How did a double salvation take place in this house that evening?

God's sixth commandment not only forbids immediate killing, as premeditated murder, abortion, euthanasia, and suicide, but it also forbids all forms of gradual murdering through carelessness or recklessness with one's own life and health or with that of others.


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