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Page 275

  • Include the following matters:

    - The seven qualities of true prayer - i.e. faith, reverence, submission, repentance, sincerity, urgency, and thankfulness, as explained previously in Chapter 23.

    - Concern for God's glory - His Name, Word, and will.

    - Requests for the conversion of the unconverted and for growth in grace of God's people.

    - Concern for God's church and kingdom - The local congregation, the denomination, and the worldwide church (church preaching, evangelism, and mission efforts). This includes Christian education and other endeavors to promote God's cause.

    - Confession of sin and thankfulness for God's blessings - Expressing congregational humility (when viewing self) and gratitude (when viewing God).

    - Requests for God's blessing upon the church service - For God's applying grace during the service (prior to the sermon) and for God's applying grace after the service (after the sermon).

    - Petitions regarding special needs - Especially for those within the congregational family, i.e., the sick, handicapped, lonely, widows, widowers, mourning, and burdened.

    - Needs of civil life - Civil government and its leaders, societal moral issues, and the general welfare of all.

    - Needs of domestic life - The strengthening of marital ties; the binding together of parents and children.

  • Reflect both form and free prayer - Form prayers should be used when included in church-approved liturgical forms, i.e., Holy Baptism, Lord's Supper, and ordination forms. Free prayers should be used at other times to bring the specific needs of the congregation and country before the Lord.
  • Reveal reverence in posture - Various postures may be utilized, e.g., standing with bowed head, or seated with closed eyes and folded hands. All is to be done in decency and good order.
  • Why is a proper balance between confession, petition, and thanksgiving necessary in prayer? How are these three aspects related to misery, deliverance, and thankfulness?

    Which of the matters to be included in congregational prayer listed on this page emphasize the following?

    • Devotional prayer
    • Intercessory prayer
    • Confessional prayer
    • Petitioning prayer
    • Praising prayer

    What are some advantages and disadvantages to using form and free prayers?


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