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Page 277

  • Doctrinal -
  • Preaching is to teach the truths, the doctrines, of the Bible.

  • Experiential -
  • Preaching is to relate how God's truths are applied to, and experienced in, the hearts of true Christians. True experiential preaching explains both how matters do go and how they should go in the lives of God's people.

  • Practical -
  • Preaching is to explain how God's truths are to be implemented in daily personal, family, church, and societal life.

    The three main goals of preaching are to be:

    • The honor and glory of God
    • The conversion of the unconverted
    • The edification of the saved

      The ambassador of a powerful king arrived at a certain ancient city with a message for the people. A trumpet was blown and the people asssembled with great anticipation. "What would the king be proclaiming to them?" was the question on everyone's mind. With breathless quietness, they listened as the ambassador began to speak.

      An ordained minister is an ambassador of a far greater King than the king in this example. Why? Why is the minister's, the ambassador's, word to us of very great importance? Why would poor attention to the ambassador's words be an insult to the king who sent him?

    Many modern churches are designed with the pulpit placed to one side, not in the front-and-center of the church sanctuary. What clear danger is represented by this change in design?

  • Edification - The act of instructing, improving, and leading people according to the truths of Scripture

  • When listening to the preaching of God's Word, are you listening to the ambassador's message or his King's?


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