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How do the following statements of John Calvin testify of the importance of congregational singing?

  • "Among other things which recreate man and give him pleasure, music is either the first or at least one of the principal; and we should reckon it a gift of God intended for this use."
  • "There is hardly anything in the world which can turn or move men's ways in this or that direction. And in fact, we experience that it has a great secret and almost incredible virtue to move hearts in one way or another."

How does the second quotation above emphasize the importance of the type of music we use in our worship services, but also in our personal lives?

    sorrow over sin, etc. However, due to music's ability to influence our emotions, it has been sinfully misused. For information regarding music's good and evil potential, refer to Chapter 22.

  • It blends word and song - When our minds are filled with the rich thoughts of the psalms and our hearts are filled with corresponding emotion, then music is a wonderful medium to unite mind and soul in worshipping God. This is "singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord" (Ephesians 5:19).

  • It edifies the congregation - Music expresses communion and unity. Congregational singing can be a moving and edifying experience. After mixing with non-believing people at one's employment all week, to heartily sing together as congregation can be uplifting and encouraging. Song is a clear expression of the unity of divine worship. By singing, the church expresses its belief in one God, one Christ, one Holy Spirit, one faith, and one salvation.

  • It confesses the church's faith in God - True singing is a confession of the heart through word and music to the Lord. In it the congregation speaks to God; as one body, the congregation confesses its faith to God.

  • It glorifies God - Heartfelt singing unites the person (spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically), as well as the congregation in offering one song of praise to God, who is most worthy of total and united adoration.

    One evening, Martin visited a respected friend of the family. Martin was more interested in other matters,


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