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    Now blessed be Jehovah God,
    The God of Israel,
    Who only doeth wondrous works,
    In glory that excel;
    Who only doeth wondrous works,
    In glory that excel.

    And blessed be His glorious Name
    To all eternity;
    The whole earth let His glory fill.
    Amen: So let it be;
    The whole earth let His glory fill.
    Amen: So let it be.

    - Psalter 197


    Blest be the Lord, our fathers' God,
    Eternal King of kings,
    Who only is omnipotent,
    Performing wondrous things.

    Blest be His great and glorious Name
    Forevermore, Amen,
    And let His glory fill the earth
    From shore to shore. Amen.

    - Psalter 196

After hearing God's Word proclaimed -after hearing of the richness of God's grace, the glory of His power, the might of His justice, and strength of His salvation - it is appropriate for the church to respond with a song of doxology as an exclamation of praise and adoration.

The closing doxology is the final response of the congregation in worship. It is to reflect the heart's desire to praise the Lord, a heart's desire warmed to do so by the preaching of the Word. We are called to sing the doxology with "doxological hearts" - hearts overflowing with desire to proclaim God's praise.

10. The benediction - The benediction is a pronouncement of God's blessing upon the congregation in the Name of the Lord by His servant. This truth is pictured by the minister placing his hands

Responsive, enthusiastic congregational singing of the closing doxology is an encouraging sign. Why? The opposite would be a poor sign. Why?


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