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Page 285

  • A word of comfort - When again entering the world from the "oasis" of church worship, it is a rich comfort for His people to hear that God's face, countenance, and Spirit shall go with them!

  • A word of power - The benediction is not a wish or desire, it is a pronouncement of Almighty God. It is "Amen" language - "It shall certainly be."

  • A word of blessing - What greater blessing is possible than God's proclaiming that He shall personally be with us? "The LORD bless thee and keep thee."

  • A word of peace - It testifies of God's wonderful grace that restores peace between God and man. The grace, love, and communion of God secure the peace of His children.

What a rich privilege it is to leave God's house with the benediction resounding in our ears and hearts! Is the "heart" of the benediction touching your heart, by soul-renewing grace?

    A group of inexperienced soldiers received their final instructions from an experienced captain before entering the conflict in a new city. The area was known by the captain, but unknown to the fearful soldiers.

    After explaining all they needed to know to enter the fight, he announced in his concluding remarks that he would go with them. Joy filled the hearts of the soldiers when they heard this! Their captain would go with them to lead them!

    How does the benediction declare a similar message to God's "soldiers"? Why would their reaction to the benediction be similar to the soldiers in this story?

Why is it a rich comfort and strength to the Christian "soldier" to hear the benediction time and again?


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