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When examining the ten components of Reformed liturgy, how are each of the following observable?

  • Word-centered (from God)
  • Communication (between God and man)
  • Communal (together with our fellow man)

When examining the ten components of our liturgy, certain items testify of God's Word to His church, and other parts reflect the church's response to God. This combination forms a holy communion, a special communication, that takes place in church worship. The following chart reveals this two-fold aspect of worship.

(The Ten Elements of Our Liturgy)
God Speaking to His Church - The Church Actively Listening The Church Responding to God - The Church
Actively Speaking

1. The votum*

2. The salutation

3. The reading of God's law

3. The church's confession of faith

4. The reading of God's word

5. Congregational prayer*

6. The preaching of God's word

7. The giving of our offerings**

8. Congregational singing**

9. The doxology**

10. The benediction

*The congregation speaking to God through its representative
**The congregation participating directly and personally

Our church worship liturgy calls for active listening to God's Word and active responding to God in our speaking, singing, and giving. Are you an active worshipper during church worship?

After briefly examining the ten elements of our liturgy, a few items remain regarding events before and after the worship service. These matters include:

  • The consistory prayer - Prior to each worship service, the consistory meets for prayer. This prayer takes place in the

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