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What important principles are taught in the following articles of the Church Order of Dordt?

Article 17

Among ministers of the Word, equality shall be maintained with respect to the duties of their office and also in other matters as far as possible according to the judgment of the consistory, and if necessary, of the classis; which equality shall also be maintained in the case of the elders and deacons.

Article 21

The consistories everywhere shall see to it that there are good Christian school teachers, not only to teach the children reading, writing, languages, and the liberal arts, but also to instruct them in godliness and in the catechism.

Article 22

The elders shall be chosen by the judgment of the consistory and the deacons, so that every church shall be at liberty, according to its circumstances, to present to the congregation as many elders as are needed, that they may be installed with public prayers and stipulations after being approved by and with the assent of the congregation, unless any obstacle arise; or twice the number of elders needed may be present, half of them to be chosen by the congregation, and installed in office in the same manner, according to the form for this purpose.

Article 44

The classis shall authorize a number of its ministers, at least two of the oldest, most experienced and competent ones, to visit all the churches once a year, in cities as well as in rural districts, and to take heed whether the ministers, consistories, and school teachers faithfully perform the duties of their offices, adhere to sound doctrine, observe in all things the adopted order, and properly promote as much as lies in them, by word and deed, the edification of the congregation including the youth, to the end that they may in time fraternally admonish those who have in anything been negligent, and may by their advice and assistance help direct all things unto peace, upbuilding, and greatest profit of the churches and schools. And each classis may continue these visitors in service as long as it sees fit, except where the visitors themselves request to be released for reasons of which the classis shall judge.

Article 67

The churches shall observe, in addition to Sunday, also Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost, with the following days, and whereas in most of the cities and provinces of the Netherlands the day of circumcision and of the ascension of Christ are also observed,

Article Number(s) Topical Summary
1 Purpose and Main Content of the Church Order
2 The Church Offices - Four Types
3 - 10 The Calling and Service of Ministers
11 - 14 The Support. Release, and Emeritation of Ministers
15 - 16 The Duties of Ministers
17 The Equality of Officebearers
18 The Duties of Doctors or Professors of Theology
19 - 20 Provisions for Ministerial Students
21 Provisions for Christian Education
22 - 23 The Appointment and Duties of Elders
24 - 26 The Appointment and Duties of Deacons
27 Term of Office for Elders and Deacons
28 Governmental Protection and Cooperation
29 The Four Kinds of Assemblies
30 - 31 The Authority and Right to Appeal to the Assemblies
32 - 33 Assembly Procedures
34 - 35 Assembly Officers
36 Authority of Major Assemblies over Minor
37 Consistory Procedures
38 New Church Establishment
39 Places Without an Organized Church
40 Deaconal Meeting Procedures
41 - 43 Classical Meeting Procedures
44 - 45 Church Visitation Procedures
46 The Review of Previous Major Assembly Decisions
47 Particular Synod Procedures
48 - 49 Deputies for Synodical Service and Advice
50 - 52 National Synod Procedures

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