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Page 329

    respiration, restores him to life. The rescuer's breath revives the dead man and now he becomes aware of his dreadful condition and need.

    Notice that the critical points of being lost and saved are different in these two views. In one, the man is in a dreadful, but not totally helpless, condition. In the other, he is totally lost. In one, his "savior" is a helpful, assisting team; in the other, it is a totally gracious savior, without whose gracious breath of life he would have remained in his dead condition.

    When comparing these natural examples to the supernatural realities they picture, answer the following questions, but also examine why each is very important.

  • Which man experienced being totally lost? Why?

  • Which experienced salvation by grace?

  • Who deserves the credit for the man's salvation in each story? Who is the hero in each?

  • In heaven, who will receive all the honor and glory for the saints' salvation? Why?

In our sinful fall in Adam, are we spiritually sick or dead? What is the difference?


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