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Page 337

Irresistible Grace (or Efficacious Grace)

The totally-depraved sinners that God the Father unconditionally elected are the same ones for whom God the Son died (to pay for their sins), and these are the same persons whom the Holy Spirit will graciously save. Irresistible grace means that the Holy Spirit never fails to regenerate, convert, and save those whom the Father has elected and Christ has redeemed. He makes His people willing in the day of His power. He wins their hearts to receive salvation on God's terms.

The chart below contrasts the main beliefs of Calvinism and Arminianism regarding irresistible grace.


Arminianism (Resistible Grace)

Calvinism (Irresistible Grace)

1. The Holy Spirit does all He can to influence each person to turn to God.

1. The Holy Spirit applies salvation to the elect by His regenerating and converting work.

2. The Holy Spirit cannot produce repentance and faith in the soul; these are man's personal actions, his contributions.

2. The Holy Spirit works repentance and faith as God-given gifts in the souls of the elect.

3. The Holy Spirit's call is only an outward, resistible one.

3. In addition to His outward call, the Holy Spirit works His inward, irresistible call in the hearts of the elect.

4. 4. The Holy Spirit's converting work is accomplished only when man responds and cooperates.

4. The Holy Spirit's saving application is accomplished by His divine, almighty power.

The following scriptural references are examples which verify the truth of the four Calvinistic statements in the preceding chart.

The Calvinistic position reveals .a triune God in unity regarding man's salvation.

The Arminian position produces disunity between the Persons of the Trinity. How are both statements true?


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