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Page 344

"Lord, please guide me and do not leave me to myself" is a very fitting daily prayer for all. Why?

Due to God's common grace blessings of conscience and rationality, fallen man is not to be viewed as a dead stick or stone. He is to be approached with the Word of God; he is to use God's means of grace; he is responsible and accountable.

    I remember the bull we used to have on our farm," a retired farmer related. "He was restrained by a chain that was attached to a ring through his nose. This restraint made the bull fairly calm. You could safely approach him and even pet him.

    "However, if he broke loose from his restraints, which happened a few times that 1 can remember, then he went absolutely wild. He would charge anyone or anything that came near him. There was no way to safely approach him or calm him.

    "I like to compare God's restraining grace to the bull's chain," the old farmer continued. "Grace restrains sin and makes the sinner approachable. But when restraining grace is removed, he becomes unapproachable and totally destructive."

    How does this example illustrate similarities and differences between totally depraved sinners on earth or in hell?


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