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Page 38

How does this story illustrate the truth, "One moment of foolishness can produce a lifetime of grief'?

    semester of law school left and excellent job prospects. So we were really in the mood to live it up.

    John and I are not drinkers, but that night there was a lot of champagne around and we had several glasses. Everyone was having a wonderful time and the party didn't break up until dawn.

    Actually, saying goodnight to the host was the last thing either of us remembers until after the accident. We ended the life of a 13-year-old boy who was delivering bakery goods on his bicycle.

    Witnesses said he was dragged more than two hundred feet. The doctors did everything they could to save him but his injuries were too extensive. The boy never regained consciousness and died after four days.

    In those few moments when we got the news, the entire world changed. Never again will it be the same. That boy, who was the light of his parents' life, will never grow up, fall in love and be a source of pride to his family and a contributing member of society.

    We called on the family but they refused to see us. Who could blame them? The day of the funeral we sent roses and sat in the back row of the church. When we came home, we found rose petals and broken stems scattered over our front steps.

    My husband never finished law school. He lost his job (couldn't concentrate) and was unemployed for several months. He was impotent for almost a year. I ate compulsively and gained forty pounds. Neither of us slept much. There were recurring nightmares. And the tears!

    Oh, what tears we cried! But an ocean of tears would never drown out the memory of that boy, lost to the world forever.

    People kept saying, "Life goes on." It does if they mean the sun comes up every day, but the kind of existence we had could hardly be called living.

    I must keep writing before I lose my courage. Maybe this letter will make an impression on someone. It only takes one drink for some drivers to become involved in a tragedy like ours.

    If you don't hurt, maim, or kill yourself or a loved one, you might kill a little boy who is trying to earn some pocket money.

    Forever Guilty


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