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In what way does the Baptist position disrupt the unity of the Old and New Testament?

In conclusion, all Reformed denominations, as well as the church of all ages, has maintained that the proper subjects for baptism are believing adults and their children (households). This belief and practice has been established upon the following ten biblical priniciples:

    1. God's Covenant of Grace includes children as well as adults.

    2. God's promise of grace includes children as well as adults.

    3. God's church includes children as well as adults.

    4. God's command to place His covenant sign and mark of distinction upon all members of His church -children as well as adults.

    5. Baptism replaced circumcision as the sign of God's covenant; therefore baptism, like circumcision, must include children as well as adults.

    6. The New Testament examples of baptism include believers and their households, and households include children.

    7. God's covenant, promise, and church is family-oriented, and families include children as well as parents.

    8. God's church in the Old and New Testaments is one; as children were included with their parents in the Old Testa ment church, so they are included in the New.

    9. Children, as well as adults, may possess the inward reality of spiritual baptism; therefore they may receive the outward sign of water baptism.

    10. The Christian church of all ages has circumcised or baptized its children upon the previous biblical grounds.

While baptism is not a dogma, a core doctrine necessary for salvation, the Reformed church has and should view as a serious error any teaching or practice which contradicts the previous God-given commands and principles. .


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