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Page 42

Why can true, fulfilling happiness never be found apart from God?

  • Marijuana is psychologically addictive; four years after graduating from high school, nine out of ten people who used pot every day still cannot kick the habit
  • Marijuana is frequently the first illegal drug teens use, and it often leads to later misuse of stronger drugs; 99 percent of all heroin addicts receiving treatment in the United States began drug abuse by smoking marijuana

    These research results are from studies based on earlier marijuana samples. In recent years, the THC (tetra-hydrocannabinol - the active chemical ingredient in marijuana) levels are four times more powerful, making it four times more dangerous.

    Twenty-year-old Daryl had graduated with honors from high school and completed his first year of college. One night he went with another friend to "drive around town." They picked up two girls, who soon began to take a certain drug. The girls said that they did not know what it was, but it was real "neat stuff."

    Parking in a secluded spot at the edge of a mall parking lot, Daryl's friend consented to the girls' repeated requests to try it. Daryl did not want to use drugs at all and strongly wished he was not in the car. However, due to the social pressure of the other three, he did also, not wanting to appear as a "chicken" or a "goody-goody.". Unknown to both boys, the girls were experienced LSD pushers.

    Daryl's LSD "trip" was extremely real. He thought he was dying. He yelled, screamed, shook, and broke out in a terrible sweat. One of the girls tried to calm him but could not. Eventually, his sanity returned, but he was terrified of his "dying" experience.

    Three days later, when dozing off to sleep, Daryl experienced a flashback. His "death trip" was just as real as the first time. His body kept shaking, his muscles tightened, and he vomited after the flashback. He could not relax. The following day, he experienced his "death trip" again.

    Panicking from fear of "dying" again, and afraid to talk to his parents or any adult, he bought large amounts of alcohol, thinking that if he kept himself a bit "out of


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