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Page 454

Why is church discipline listed as a privilege for all church . members and not as a threat?

What is meant by the terms classis and synod?

  • Deemed -Judged; believed; considered

  • If a person would continue as only a baptized member for years after reaching maturity and would refuse to make public confession, the consistory must to remove him from the church membership list. (This should only be done after properly instructing and warning the person.) A person may not remain under his parents' vow as an adult, but he must personally take over or reject his parents' vow. A personal confession of every adult is required; either a confession of agreement with, and submission to, God's Word and ordinances or a desire to break with God's truth and church. A personal response to God's truth is required.

    Public confession of faith in the church involves several personal privileges and responsibilities. Its privileges include the following (the * items indicate privileges extended to baptized members as well):

      1. The personal confirmation of the privileges of church membership (as described in Chapter 24 -"Seven Reasons Why God Commands All To Join His Church") which are as follows:

      * a. Worshipping (outward separation from the world)

      * b.Instruction (placed under God's Word)

      * c.Church prayer

      d. Communion

      e. Service and testimony

      f. Unity

      g. Church discipline (censure)

      2. The right to use the sacraments (a church right; not necessarily a divine right to the Lord's Supper, as distinguished later).

      3. The right to address the consistory with any personal suggestions, concerns, or objections.

      4. The right to attend congregational meetings and to vote on church matters (male members).

      5. The right to appeal consistory decisions, deemed to be unscriptural, to classis and synod.


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