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Page 455

The personal responsibilities arising from public confession of faith include responsibilities toward the following. (Again, several of the items listed -marked with an * -include baptized members as well, but the responsibility for each is heightened by one's personal confession of faith and professing church membership.)


    -* to honor and glorify Him in one's life according to his confession of faith vow
    -* to walk in the way of God's commandments and institutions
    -* to value all instructions, callings, and warnings given by the Lord
    -* to take refuge in God through Christ with all one's personal shortcomings and impossibilities


    -to personally take over the baptismal vow of one's parents
    -* to diligently use the means of grace God provides; to seek for God's gracious blessings of converting and sanctifying grace
    -* to continually examine one's state and condition in the light of Scripture

3. Church -

    -* to attend its worship services and instructional opportunities (except when hindered by lawful reasons)
    -* to pray and work for the church's peace, prosperity, and welfare
    -* to contribute to the church's needs and causes
    -to participate in the church's congregational meetings (male members)

4. Neighbors -

    * to provide a positive testimony to others of God and His church; to avoid all sin and appearance of evil
    -to live according to one's public confession

How do church membership and responsible church membership differ? Why is this difference crucial when considering God, oneself, church, and neighbors?

Why is God's church to be an "enlightening light" and a "salting salt" on earth? What do these expressions mean?

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