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Page 456

Why are some church members very hard to "read"?

How does each act of worship stress the truth that all should be converted?

    The story is told of a strange old tower in a certain village square which contained a large clock face. The internal parts of the clock ran perfectly, but it had no hands. Several years before, the clock hands were removed and, for whatever reason, had never been replaced.
    The inward workings of this clock were very accurate, but that which could have been a blessing for the entire village was now useless, doing no good for anyone.
    This "handless clock" 'can illustrate an important lesson regarding church membership. Why are both the inward-working graces and the outward-working fruits important for church members? What type of people are "handless clock" church members?

When making public confession of faith, a person should be converted; he should confess true, saving faith from his heart; he should be a member of the saved Church -the Church Invisible. The necessity of true conversion must always be stressed and placed on the foreground. This is true for all aspects of church life and worship. To truly read God's Word, pray, attend the preaching of the Word, be baptized, or make confession of faith, a person should be converted.


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