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Page 46

  • Chastity - Freedom from impurity and sexual uncleanness

    • boot which hit him square in the head and we all roared with laughter, but he continued.

      "The next morning I found both of my boots at my bedside, perfectly polished!

      "There must be something to religion to give a fellow such strength and nobleness as that!"

      A "living sermon" can speak very powerfully. Why?

      President Abraham Lincoln was once strongly reprimanded at a meeting by one of his aides for dealing so kindly and friendly with his enemies.

      "You should take action to destroy your enemies, to strengthen your position," he was told.

      Lincoln replied, "Am I not destroying my enemies when I make them my friends?"

      How is the following statement true: "An enemy truly prayed for is no longer an enemy"?

    The gracious, faithful, unchanging, perfect love of Christ for His people, despite their former sins, frequent backslidings, continual failures, and constant unworthiness is the ideal, the model, the pattern established for Christians to follow. The followers of Christ desire, pray, and strive to follow in their Master's footsteps, to reflect His merciful love. It is their sorrow that due to the indwelling sin of their old nature, they cannot do so in a perfect manner.


    The seventh commandment states, "Thou shalt not commit adultery" (Exodus 20:14). The precise definition of "adultery" is "voluntary sexual intercourse by a married person with one who is not his or her spouse." As with each commandment, the strongest terms are used, but all sexual impurity and that which promotes or leads to it is forbidden by this commandment. Chastity and purity of life is required. God is a pure and holy Being. He hates all impurity and uncleanness. Man was created to reflect God's image, to love purity, and to hate uncleanness.


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