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God's children find their life in Jesus' death. They find spiritual strength and nourishment from His substitutionary work. This truth is visibly portrayed in the observance of the Lord's Supper.

Jesus used the elements of bread and wine when instituting the Lord's Supper because bread and wine were the principal food and drink of the people at that time. Bread was a symbol of man's basic nourishment for natural life, and wine of his refreshment. So Jesus Christ is the principal meat and drink, the basic nourishment and refreshment, of His children's spiritual life.

    Napoleon once stated, "A soldier marches on his stomach." He said this when insisting upon good, solid meals for his soldiers.

    What Napoleon meant naturally is also true spiritually. To fight the good fight of faith, a spiritual soldier must feed upon solid, spiritually nourishing "food," i.e., Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

    How does this illustration emphasize the importance of the Lord's Supper meal?

As a sacrament, the Lord's Supper is not only a sign, but it is also a seal of God's saving grace. The Lord's Supper seals to all true participants the following:

    1. That as surely as they see the bread being broken and the wine being poured for them, so sure is the truth that Christ died and shed His blood for them upon the cross.

When the Lord's Supper is celebrated, how does the blessing, breaking (or pouring), and giving of the bread and wine by God's servant illustrate three important truths?

If a regenerated person does not participate in the Lord's Supper, he misses the use of an important means of grace. Why is this important?

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