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Page 483

    "Why do we not allow children to participate in the Lord's Supper when we do permit them to be baptized?" Lisa asked her minister.

    "Let us look at the four points on the previous chart we just discussed," her minister responded. "When considering baptism, does God:

    1. Give a clear command for serious, personal selfexamination for children, before they are baptized as part of the household of baptized parents?

    2. State a powerful warning such as 'he that is baptized unworthily baptizes condemnation to himself' ?

    3. Require that an inappropriate means be used for infant children; is being washed with, or sprinkled by water an inappropriate or impossible use of this element for infant children?

    4. Are children commanded to properly discern Christ's body and remember Him in baptism?

    5. Are no examples of family or household baptisms to be found in Scripture?

    "We make a distinction here because God does so in His Word."

    "I understand. Thank you," Lisa replied.

    If children partook of the Old Testament Passover (there is a difference of opinion on this question), a clear, powerful command was issued by God to end this practice in I Corinthians II, Is a clear, powerful command to end the practice of infant baptism issued anywhere in the New Testament? Why not?

Why are children of believers included in the sacrament of baptism but not included in the sacrament of the Lord's Supper?

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