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Page 485

    wanted to buy it, but Mike was not willing to sell it for any amount he would offer.

    "Why won't you sell it?" his friend finally asked. "Because my father gave it to me as a parting gift just before he died," Mike answered. "I treasure it and would not sell it to you for the world!"

    What gift did Jesus give His children just before He died? Why will His children treasure the Lord's Supper more than all the gifts of the world?

The Lord's Supper scene pictures and seals this truth to the believer, that as certainly as the servant breaks the bread and hands it to me, so certainly has his Master broken His body on the cross for me. Therefore I shall as certainly be strengthened and sustained spiritually by His provision for me as I am nourished naturally by daily bread.

Certainly our spiritual eyes are called to focus upon this wonderful, gracious Host, who graciously distributes such life-giving and sustaining food! What Host is like Him, and what table can be compared to His?

Is there any "remembrance celebration" that should outrank the Lord's Supper in importance? Why or why not?

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