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Page 486

To be invited by the King of kings to dine at His table and to center upon oneself at the meal reflects a terribly blatant sin of self-centeredness and self-idolatry. Why?

    A certain king established the custom of providing a special banquet for his closest friends on his birthday. During this meal, he would give various gifts to those who were present.

    Imagine a person attending this meal in commemoration of his king's birthday in response to the king's gracious invitation, but centering his thoughts and conversation upon himself rather than the king.

    What would you think of this person's behavior? What would the king think of it?

    It is a much greater offense to sit at the table of the King of kings and to receive His eternal gifts while focusing upon self rather than upon the King. Why is this offense so much greater than the offense of the attendee at the worldly king's banquet used in this illustration?

Due to the specialness and seriousness of properly celebrating the Lord's Supper, a preparatory service is held the prior Sunday. The four main purposes of the preparatory sermon and service are:

    1. To pray for God's presence and blessing for the approaching Holy Supper.

    2. To clearly preach the scriptural marks and fruits which must be experientially known to properly partake of the Lord's Supper and to stress the importance of personal selfexamination in this regard.


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