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Page 490

What opposite spirits motivate self-examination and other examination" when the Lord's Supper is celebrated? Why is the one fruitful and the other harmful?

Very wrong and sinful motives and thoughts can also surface during the celebration of the Lord's Supper in the congregation. The following are two examples of this

    Mrs. Meyer carefully watches each person who steps forward to attend the Lord's Supper. "Yes, I believe it of him," she thinks. "Her? -possibly. What! This man going to the table! That cannot be true!"

    What is frightfully wrong with Mrs. Meyer's attitude? How is her self-examination swallowed up by "other examination" ?

    Randy is sitting in church as the Lord's Supper is being served. "There is no sense in my being here. The Lord's Supper is not for me, anyway. Besides, it takes so long!"

    What is frightfully wrong with Randy's thinking? How is he revealing ignorance regarding God's use of the visible gospel in the congregation?

Is it your heartfelt desire to know, love, and commune with God? Is your deepest longing to be restored into fellowship with the Lord and to live to His honor and glory? Or are you yet living for self and most deeply concerned with your own honor and glory? The Lord's Supper reveals a line of distinction that is drawn through the congregation. Do you belong to the saved or the unsaved?


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