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True Christianity includes the past, present, and future. It remembers God's grace in the past, lives out of God's grace in the present, and looks forward with anticipation to the perfect fulfillment of God's grace in the future.

Eschatology refers to the future. It is the study of the biblical doctrines regarding the last events, i.e., the soul after death, Christ's second coming, the resurrection, the final judgment, heaven, and hell. The word "eschatology" is derived from two Greek words:

    1. Eschatos -meaning "last"

    2.Logos -meaning "word"

Eschatology literally means "words about the last (events)." It refers to that which takes place after the close of man's life on this earth. Eschatology is imporant to study for its doctrines reveal the end purpose, the victory of life over death, the crown of God's gracious work for His church. Eschatology reveals the complete restoration of communion between God and man in a paradise state.

  • Intermediate state -The state of the soul after leaving the body at death until it is reunited with the body on the resurrection day

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