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4. There is only one "first time" - the best of fruits can be spoiled by being taken before they are ripe.

5. It takes place in a mixed atmosphere - the physical pleasures are tempered and plagued by fears.

  • Personal fear: pangs of conscience
  • Fear of others: being discovered or breach of secrecy
  • Fear of possible consequences: unwanted pregnancy

6. Emotional stress is increased - Guilt, tension, and undue pressures regarding breaking up are increased.

7. The lowering of self-control, self-esteem, and personal integrity - Waiting builds trust, respect, and an atmosphere which encourages the development of true love. Premarital sex can rapidly become habitual resulting in a sex-dominated rather than a true love-developing relationship, causing increasing tension, disrespect, and depression.

8. A lifelong, vivid remembrance will be retained - If the couple remains together, lifelong disappointment and sorrow will mar the joy of their memories. If the couple separates, lifelong painful memories and jealousies will be retained.

9. The couple's special wedding joys are marred - If pregnancy results: then as a public sin, public confession of guilt must take place. If pregnancy does not occur, a private sense of guilt (an accusing conscience) mars the special joy of the day.

10. The risk of damaged parental and family relationships is increased - If pregnancy results, a family crisis is generated; if pregnancy does not occur, a lifelong hypocritical secrecy is frequently maintained to prevent family problems.

The following examples illustrate the truth of some of the previous ten reasons for avoiding premarital sex.

    When she was seventeen, Linda had dated Russ, who was three years older, a few times. She really liked him and didn't want to lose him.

    One Friday night, he talked her into going to a party at a "friend's" place. His friend's parents were away for the

What would happen if you gave the freedom and joy of:

  • Driving a car to a child too soon - to a boy in third grade?
  • Purchasing a home property too early - to a girl in sixth grade?
  • Sexual activity prematurely - to young people before marriage?

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