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    disease and pregnancy. I was so 'smart.' I would just have fun and no bad results.

    "Well, let me tell you the truth. The guilty and fearful feelings of buying and hiding items in my car, of using them, the scenes where it happened, are just as real today in my mind and heart as then. If you could remove this dirty remembrance from my life's history for $10,000, I would pay you right now. But you cannot, neither can I. God can forgive and has forgiven me, but the filthy remembrance of it, I carry. Do not place a lifelong degrading burden on your memory and conscience for a moment of so-called 'pleasure'! I thought I was 'clever,' but I was a fool! Learn from my painful mistake."

    Which of the ten reasons for avoiding premarital sex are illustrated by this story?

The true meaning of "love" needs to be distinguished from common, false uses of this term today. True love centers in the other, the one that is loved, not in self. It desires that which is best for the other. It delights to self-sacrifice for the other. It reassures the other. It would rather endure personal suffering than have the other suffer. It testifies of deep commitment to the other person. True love loves the other's personhood, who he or she is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is much deeper, nobler, and more authentic than only physical attraction or romantic excitement. It loves to give, not to get. It loves to love.

This beautiful, rich, and true biblical view of human love is contradicted by two shallow and false wordly views regarding love today - "infatuation" and "lust."

Infatuation is shallow and self-centered. It "loves" the feeling of romantic excitement in having a boyfriend or girlfriend. It "loves" the status and security which the relationship provides among peers. The following example illustrates infatuation. Notice that the person's "love" is self-centered, and the other person is only an object which is used to provide a certain degree of self-pleasing excitement and status.

What does the following expression mean? "God's mills may grind slowly, but they grind surely!"

Is the motivation of true love "self-centered" or "other-centered"? How does this motive distinguish true love from its false counterpart?

Read the story in II Samuel 13 regarding Amnon and his "love" for Tamar. Explain why this is an example of infatuation and lust, not of true love.


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