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Page 559

    "A tightly closed vase was found in a mummy pit by Mr. Wilkinson, a well-known English traveler. A few dried, hard, wrinkled peas, dating nearly three thousand years in age, were found in the vase. The seeds were planted in a greenhouse, and at the end of thirty days, the three-thousand-year-old seeds sprang to life!

    "If God could watch over these insignificant peas and bring them back to life after being buried for three thousand years, I am certain that He also has the ability to restore every human being to life!"

    Can we understand either miracle referred to in this example? Why not?

The doctrine of the glorious resurrection presents a rich comfort and hope to all true believers. Their hope is centered in Jesus Christ who testified, "I am the resurrection, and the life" (John 11:25a). In Christ, death is swallowed up in victory, and life conquers death. To the true Christian, life on earth does not end in defeat, darkness, death, or an eternal state of nothingness. God's people are the only people with a true future. As Jesus, their Head, arose from the grave and ascended into heaven, so He shall also secure their resurrection and ascension to be where He is, and to live with Him forever.

The following two stories contrast the terrible future hopelessness of the non-Christian with the wonderful hope of the true Christian.

    In the Fiji Islands, there is a sad custom among one of its tribes. When a person dies, friends will climb up trees located on the highest part of the island, and repeatedly callout their dead friend's name as loud as they can, pathetically pleading, "Come back! Come back!" Their cries echo the hopelessness of their hearts.

    True Christians know that all will come back and they know .the glorious state of the saved when they shall return. Why is it possible for true Christians to proclaim a cry of victory, when facing death, while non-Christians must speak of defeat?

Why is Easter Sunday called .the "Victory Day of God's Church"?

Why are true Christians the only people to possess a true future of hope?

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