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What would you think of a guy who claimed to love his girlfriend, but whenever they had to carry packages or boxes, he always placed his on top of hers, making her carry the full load?

How can this be done with emotional burdens?

How does the non-praying couple miss a beautiful opportunity for sharing heartfelt thoughts, needs, and desires?

Be realistic. As love grows, the desire for greater physical intimacy also grows - even without love, it will! When one step is taken by the couple, the excitement and appeal will center upon the next step. When the opportunity and mood are present, the couple will quite quickly move to the same depth of intimate expression they reached previously. Therefore, the need for constant pacing is a realistic need in the lives of all dating couples. Without proper pacing, the couple's dating time will end in a physically-dominated, sex-predominated relationship with its problems, tensions, and guilt as specified previously.

Both dating partners are responsible for the healthy pacing of their dating friendship. Some young men act as if the following thought were true, "This is my girlfriend's responsibility; she should tell me when I'm going too far." Such thinking is selfish, not loving. He attempts to escape his share of the responsibility by throwing all the weight upon his girlfriend. This is the opposite of true love. To continually be forced to stem her boyfriend's advances, especially if he becomes upset with her, is a difficult emotional burden. The loving and caring boyfriend wants to relieve and not increase his girlfriend's burdens.

5. Avoid all deliberate temptation - Avoid immodest dress or actions. Do not attend places or groups where you know alcohol and moral looseness will be present. Do not place yourselves in strongly-tempting situations. A girl asking her boyfriend to come over for the evening because no one else will be home is acting foolishly and dangerously. Those who play with fire generally get burned.

6. Prayerfully study the principles of God's Word - Read the scriptural teachings regarding premarital and marital relationships and biblically-based books which deal with this subject. Read fitting books together at appropriate times as your relationship develops from a dating relationship to engagement to marriage. Pray for God's blessing and guidance upon your relationship - pray both personally and together.

Reading and praying together are wonderful means to express heartfelt concerns and share heartfelt needs. They often open doors for deeper-level communication and understanding.

7. Examine whether you are meant for one another - If the dating relationship progresses smoothly, soon steady dating,


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