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Page 586

Why is an act of kindness impossible in hell?

  • Omnipresent -Everywhere-present at all times

  • health, friendship, kindness, decency, and a host of other civil blessings are given which make societal life possible. God's restraining hand graciously prevents the hearts of sinners from speaking and doing all the sinful inclinations of their hearts. In hell, however, no outward blessing shall be given and no restraining grace shall be exerted by the Lord. Life and interaction as we know it shall be impossible.

      Kevin had been arrested and convicted for burglary and was sentenced to a two-year term in a federal prison.
      He had heard numerous stories about the cruelty, fights, swearing, and other abusive actions among inmates at the prison. To live among these hardened criminals filled him with fear.

      Yet, God's common grace still exerts an influence on prison life. Even there God will still grant outward blessings and restrain sin. Why would a sentence to "prison life" in hell be infinitely worse than this example, both in degree and length?

    God is omnipresent. Escape from God's presence is not possible, not even in hell. "Whither shall I go from Thy Spirit? or


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