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engagement, and marriage will follow. To determine if your marriage to this person is in God's favor, the following scripturally-based questions may be asked.

    a. Do you share religious convictions? - Do you agree on heartfelt matters such as: basing decisions on scriptural principles, family devotions, prayer, the purpose of life, core beliefs, etc.? Do you pray together?

    b. Do you agree on most things you do and talk about together? - Is the bulk of your relationship built upon agreement? How do you handle disagreements? Do you find a growing together rather than apart as your relationship continues?

    c. Do you share a mutual love and esteem? - Do you love teach other with your faults? Do you both self-sacrifice for the good of the other? Do you value the thoughts and feelings of each other? Do you deeply respect and trust each other? Is this the person you would like as the father or mother of your child?

    d. Do you communicate well? - Do you enjoy spending time just talking about things together? Do you feel comfortable sharing your deepest feelings with him or her? Do you talk about a wide variety of subjects, such as fears, frustrations, desires, joys, lifestyle, career, family, money and time use, religion, God, love, decision-making, marriage roles, etc.?

    e. Do you find in each other the scriptural criteria for husbands and wives, as listed in the following charts?

Trait Example Text
To deeply love and cleave to his wife Genesis 2:24
To spend time with; to emotionally cheer his wife Deuteronomy 24:5
To be content and happy with his wife Proverbs 5:18
To be kindly affectioned toward his wife I Corinthians 7:3
To treasure and honor his wife I Peter 3:7a
To be the head of his wife Ephesians 5:23
To lovingly self-sacrifice for his wife Ephesians 5:25
To provide for his wife I Timothy 5:8
To pray with his wife I Peter 3:7b

What is meant by the following guidance statement: "Remember that the faults of the person you have chosen to marry will not suddenly disappear when he or she becomes your husband or wife"?


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