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What happens to the light produced by a flashlight when it is placed in full sunlight? What happens to the "light and joy of the world" when compared to the "light and joy of heaven"?

  • Passport -An official document which authorizes a person to enter into another country

  • The gloriousness and happiness of heaven is to be an incentive and comfort to a spiritual pilgrim in his travels through his life on earth. The following example illustrates this truth.

      A young boy sat quietly in a train car seat looking out the window for several hours as the train traveled over very desolate land in the western prairies. The scenery was perhaps the most uninteresting of the entire trip, and the day seemed extra long.
      After watching the boy for some time, an elderly lady sitting across the aisle leaned toward him and said, "Young man, aren't you tired of the long ride?"
      The boy looked at her and answered, ''Yes, a little. But I don't mind it too much, because I'm going to meet my father when I get to the end of it!"

      How can the saints' glorious meeting with their heavenly Father at the end help them to endure the daily trials on the journey to meet Him?

    To enter heaven, one must possess the proper "passport." Only those who are registered in the Book of Life as children of God, as


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