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Why is inward beauty of far greater value in a marriage partner than external beauty?

Trait Example Text
To be a loving helpmeet for her husband Genesis 2:18
To be virtuous Proverbs 12:4
To be non-contentious Proverbs 19:13
To be a trustworthy confidante for her husband Proverbs 31:11-12
To exercise wisdom and kindness Proverbs 31:26
To ambitiously care for her family's needs Proverbs 31:27
To possess inward beauty of personhood I Peter 3:3-4
To lovingly give herself for her husband I Corinthians 7:4
To lovingly submit to her husband's leadership Ephesians 5:22-23

The following examples illustrate various truths from the seven previous dating guidelines.

    Ellen received a phone call from a young man she met in one of her college classes. He asked her to go out to dinner with him to celebrate his birthday, as he was an out-of-town student and had no family locally.

    Ellen's parents advised her not to go. "Ellen, you do not even know anything about his background," her mother warned.

    Ellen became disgusted with her parents. "I'm not going to marry him, I'm only going to dinner with him to help him celebrate his birthday!" she retorted. "Can't you trust me?" Disgustedly, she went to her room. "Why do they always have to worry so much?" she complained to herself.

    Despite her parents' advice, she joined Randy for his birthday. They went to a beautiful restaurant, had a candlelight dinner, and a wonderful evening of conversation. Randy treated her with such esteem and handled himself so admirably that she really enjoyed the evening with him, and was actually sorry when it came to a close.

    A few days later, Randy saw her with some friends in the college cafeteria and came over to talk to her. When he left, her friends commented on what a neat and attractive guy he was. Ellen could not help agreeing!

    The following week, they met again and Randy asked her to go with him on Saturday. He had to collect certain


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