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Page 61

    tidal pool specimens for his Biology class. They could spend the afternoon by the ocean. It would be really neat! The park there was beautiful and so were the waves.

    Ellen did not know what to say. His request caught her by surprise. He was so excited about going and so expectant that she would be too! She decided to go, but to use this opportunity to explain that she could not form a dating relationship with him because he was not from any church background.

    Ellen had a great time with Randy at the ocean. He was so neat, polite, and yet with an excellent sense of humor. She had to speak with him about their religious problems, however, Finally she forced herself to do it. But he explained to her very simply that he definitely woud not want to interfere with her religious convictions. In fact, he respected seriously religious people who were true to their convictions. He therefore could assure her that this would not pose a problem, as far as he was concerned. He even agreed to attend church with her if she desired!

    "Let's climb those rocks!" he then said and, taking her hand, he led the way. Ellen was shocked to feel such excitement as they climbed hand in hand. After sitting together for awhile on the highest point overlooking the bay and enjoying the cool breeze, she found that she really liked it when he put his arm around her. She rested her head on his shoulder.

What is the meaning of the statment? "When the feelings are running, the thoughts cannot keep up"?


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