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Page 64

Willfully stepping into temptation, rather than resisting it, is sinful and dangerous. How does this story illustrate this truth?

    activities, but they answered, "No, we don't really care for groups, we just like being together."

    Mark's brother had an apartment and he gave Mark the key to it. Mark and Sandy liked to use it when Mark's brother was gone.

    A few months before their twelfth grade graduation, they had to tell their parents that Sandy was pregnant. Sandy's father became very upset and yelled at Mark, saying, "How can I have a son-in-law that I can't trust?"

    Mark walked out and told Sandy that he was never entering her house again. He then bitterly blamed her for not stopping him and for agreeing to go to his brother's apartment with him. Sandy returned crying to the house and Mark left. Mark's parents found out about the key to the apartment and were angry with both Mark and his brother. His brother then told Mark never to ask him for anything again. In short, both families were in turmoil.

    Mark and Sandy felt guilty throughout their graduation ceremonies; they had decided not to tell anyone else for a few months. Confession before the consistory and public announcement in church were very emotional experiences. Telling friends who didn't know was hard. They felt disappointed with themselves. The special excitement and joy of their wedding day was gone -the special joy which Sandy had dreamed about and looked forward to for years. She did not want to, but she could not help but feel bitter towards Mark at times for destroying her special wedding day; she hated herself for agreeing to go with him to the apartment.

    Both families tried to make the best of it after the initial shock wore off. Mark and Sandy outwardly smiled their way through their wedding and reception, but inwardly it hurt. "Why did we have to spoil it?" Sandy kept asking herself.

    Even years later when people asked about their wedding, and especially when their children asked, they still felt the inward disappointment. Their marriage was a happy one, but this left a lifelong blot upon their joy.

    Which dating principles does this example illustrate?

God gave man the precious gifts of sexuality and marriage, placing the special physical expression of unity, of intimacy, of "two being one flesh" within the lifelong bond of marriage. Within the context of this lifelong bond, confirmed by personal promise and


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