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Page 72

From a scriptural view, why are dress and appearance items of importance, but not of greatest importance?

What is wrong in the thoughts or actions of the people in the following examples?

    Judy needs a new skirt, but she cannot find one in the entire mall that she likes. "The others will laugh at me with that!" "This is way out of style!" "No one wears anything like that!" "Everyone's already wearing one like that!" are her comments as she becomes more and more irritated and panicky.

    "If they don't like what I wear to church, then they can kick me out!" Henry angrily snaps. "I'm wearing my jeans and no tie! Religion's supposed to be on the inside, not the outside, right?"

    Sally is dressed in tight-fitting jeans to go shopping at the mall. "Oh, Mom," she responds to her mother's questioning, "everyone wears these!"

    Ron spends considerably more time looking in a mirror each day to get his hair just right than he does looking in his Bible.

    Which scriptural principle regarding dress and appearance is being broken in each of these examples?

    Rachel acquired a very good position in a large advertising firm. After working there for a few years, she told some younger teenaged girlfriends the following.

    "You know, I really learned something about dress and appearance at the advertising agency where I work. You always advertise for the type of buyer you want. If you are advertising for Cadillac or pickup truck buyers, you design ads which convey different messages.

    "If you want a guy to notice you, as a person, then you must let the beauty of your personhood shine - kindness, warmth, personality, thoughts, etc. This will attract a guy that is interested in you. If, however, you want to sell your body, you advertise that. But don't be fooled; don't think that those guys who take a second look are interested in you. They're interested in what you're advertising - your body. You're attracting the wrong type of buyer!"

    Which scriptural principles relate to this illustration?


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