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Page 84

Which is of greater value - a sum of money or one's honesty? Which will he derive more comfort and happiness from?

Why is a thief a fool?

    Henry J. Heinz, founder of the large Heinz ketchup and food industry, walked by the weigh-in scales at his plant and observed a new employee receiving a farmer's load of tomatoes. The employee walked past Mr. Heinz and whispered, "We are getting good weight today, Mr. Heinz."

    "Good! What are you doing for me?" Mr. Heinz replied.

    "Why, you know - a good eye and a bit of a quick hand and you can always slip in a few pounds extra, Sir!"

    Mr. Heinz nodded and asked the new employee to follow him. "This is the payroll office," he stated. "You receive your pay for the hours you have worked and then leave this place at once!"

    "But, Mr. Heinz!" exclaimed the astonished man. "I was only doing it to save you money!"

    "You were robbing a man who was doing business with me. In doing so, you were robbing me of something far more precious than a few dollars - my honesty!"

    How does this story illustrate the spirit of the eighth commandment?


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