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The eighth commandment forbids all attempts to deceive others through false advertising or deceptive packaging. It condemns the writing of insufficient-fund checks or declaring bankruptcy to escape debts owed to others. The following examples illustrate these matters.

    The Brand B cereal company packages their cereal in larger boxes than necessary. In this way, they hope that people will buy their brand, thinking they are getting more for their money.

    Mrs. Nanton and her daughter are preparing their fruit and vegetable booth for selling at the local farmers' market. As they ready their baskets of apples, Mrs. Nanton tells her daughter, "Put the smaller and bruised apples on the bottom and place the best ones on top!"

    Pete is planning to sell his car. In the back seat area, the carpet is worn through and the floor is quite rusted on one side. "I know," he thinks, "I'll buy floor mats for the back; then nobody will notice."

    Mr. Benser writes a check to his credit card company for last month's bill, even though he knows the check will bounce due to insufficient funds. "By the time it goes through all the bank processes and comes back to me for payment, three weeks will have gone by," he reasons. "By then I will be out of this area."

    How are each of the above breaking God's eighth commandment?

In each of these cases, how is a truly Christian businessman, farmer, salesman, or customer different from a worldly one? Why?


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