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Page 86

Are selling your peace of conscience for forty dollars as Martha did or becoming a thief for one dollar as Bob did, wise decisions? Why not?

We can also steal by not returning that which we have found, by borrowing without asking, or by not confessing when responsible for damaging another's property. The following examples illustrate these truths.

    As Martha was walking home from school, she noticed a purse lying against the curb. She looked in it and saw five twenty-dollar bills. She looked around, and no one was in sight. She took two of the bills and placed the purse back.

    In the car on the way home, Henry proudly informed the others, "I got a good deal on the wrench I bought! It was $3.50; I gave the clerk a $5.00 bill and she gave me $2.50 in change!"

    Henry's father paused and then asked, "Henry, do you want to sell your honesty for one dollar?"

    "No," Henry answered.

    "I didn't think so," his father replied, as he turned the car around. "We'll go back to return it now."

    "Watch this, guys!" Bob exclaimed. He was showing a group of friends how he could fool the corner store's pop machine. He had pockets full of electrical metal scraps exactly the size and thickness of a quarter. "If I put a quarter in first and then two of these," he explained, "I can get a seventy-five-cent pop for twenty-five cents. Watch this!" After demonstrating, he said, "We'll have cheap pop this summer, guys!"


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