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    Jeff lived about a mile-and-a-half (two-and-a-half kilometers) from school. He had taken the bus to school in the morning, but had forgotten his report which was due that afternoon. During the noon hour, he walked past the bike rack and decided to use a bike to quickly ride home, get his report, and return. "No one will mind," he told himself as he left on the bike.

    Lynn borrowed her neighbors' air mattress for a camping trip. Somehow she scraped it against something sharp and poked a small hole in it. The mattress would now hold air for an hour or two, but that was all. Lynn returned the rolled-up air mattress to her neighbors and thanked them for loaning it to her, but never told them about the hole.

    Marv threw a softball too far, and it crashed through a classroom window at school. He quickly ran out of the area. When the principal asked the person responsible to come and speak with him, Marv did not; he was too afraid.

    How are each of the above breaking God's eighth commandment?

Employees can "steal" from their employers by not working diligently during their employment hours. Employers can "steal" from their employees by not paying them legitimate wages. A person can "steal" credit for himself by claiming another person's work as his own or by copying that which is another's without his permission. Plagiarism is theft. The following examples are illustrations of these truths.

    Dan and Chris work at a large production plant. Each employee must "punch in and out" by placing his time card in a programmed clock that prints the time on it. When Dan wants to leave a little early for something special at home, Chris punches his card for him, and Dan does the same for Chris.

  • Plagiarism - The appropriating of another's words or writings and publishing them as one's own
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