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Page 88

Cheating on a test is both lying and stealing, a transgression of God's eighth and ninth commandments. Why?

Why is the breaking of copyright legislation a theft?

One never has the same pleasure from something stolen, as from something earned. Why not?

  • Usury - The charging of excessively high interest rates to another
    • Elizabeth is allowed a fifteen-minute coffee break in the morning and afternoon at the office where she is employed. However, when all the secretaries are together for a break and are having interesting conversations, then twenty, twenty-five, or thirty minutes can easily pass. Elizabeth likes talking with others and usually tries to extend her coffee-break times.

      Daryl forgot to study the twenty new terms assigned for his Geography course. Marty was sitting next to him, and Daryl knew that Marty always had high marks. He copies Marty's answers for the matching section of his test. "At least I'll have those right!" he thinks.

      Corrie put off working on her Science project for several weeks and then rushed to complete it in a few days. She copied several pages out of an old book of her father's, only occasionally changing a more difficult word. "The teacher is not familiar with this book, I'm sure," she reasoned. "He'll never know the difference."

      Steven spent a great deal of time with his home computer. His friend, Stan, showed him a new program he had just purchased. Steven was impressed and wanted that program in the worst way, but it was very expensive. "Can I borrow it for an evening?" Steven asked. "I'll return it the following morning."

      But inwardly, Steven was thinking, "Then I'll copy it so I can have the program, too."

    A person can disobey God's eighth commandment by receiving goods which he realizes have been stolen or by participating in vandalism. Also, usury breaks God's law. Governments can steal from their citizens by overtaxing.

    Vandalism is the willful destruction of another's property. It is generally done for no other reason than excitement - the "thrill' of being destructive, of breaking the law, or of being seen as "tough."


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