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2. God calls every person to his work. A person's work is a personal calling from God. The special importance this belief gives to one's work is illustrated below.

    Mr. Rolter was a baker; he had owned and operated a pastry bakery for several years. Today he was very excited. He had received a call from the governor's (premier's) office requesting him to make the pastries for the wedding reception of the governor's (premier's) daughter.

    Would not Mr. Rolter attempt to do his best when filling this order? Would it not be an honor to be asked to be the king's doctor, accountant, repairman, or landscaper? To recognize that the King of Kings personally calls a person to His work adds a special importance to it. Why?

3. Service is to be work's prime motivation and goal. The deepest motive in work is to serve God and to be of service to others. The one whom God has blessed with mechanical abilities, designing talents, teaching gifts, or one of a multitude of other strengths, is to develop and use that talent to help others.

Observe the difference in motivation and approach in the example on the following page.

How does a God-pleaser differ from a man-pleaser in his daily work?

Would any work be considered unimportant, meaningless, or insignificant if you were asked by a king to do it for him? Of what importance is this truth to the Christian worker?

Regarding career choices, which is more important "Where I can get the most?" or "Where I can give the most" (be of most service)? Why?


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