Present-Day Music War

Every sound that enters "eargate" has influence. The unexpected sound of gunfire at close range would make us duck and look up to find the source. The sound alone produces the reaction. In our culture, that sound is associated with danger.

Yet, our culture does not associate the sound of devilish "music" (rock, rap, western) with danger. Have you heard the comment from parents, speaking of their sons and daughters listening to these types of music, "It’s just a stage they go through. They’ll get tired of it." Parents, have you come to see the dangers? We believe you would be disgusted if you knew some of the poison that is ready to enter eargate at the flip of a switch on a radio, tape deck or CD loaded with one of these so-called "music" selections.

We must do everything we can to alert our families, young and old of these dangers as well as society at large. It is not too late to start now. We should strive to show the seriousness of these dangers to the same degree as the potential danger of gunshot wounds, that, if hearing this poison, we would duck and hide from it for our mental, emotional, and spiritual safety. Do not underestimate the power it has to influence.

Music has been called the language of man’s emotions. It not only expresses the emotions, but also arouses them. If we listen to this poison, it expresses our emotions at the same time as we allow it to arouse or influence them. Listening is a lot stronger than being exposed to it involuntarily. The influence on the emotions also affects behaviour. A lot of this poisonous "music" is composed with the intention of arousing sexual desires. The Bible tells us that when lust is aroused, action (sin) follows and sin has death as its wages. Again, do not underestimate the power it has to influence. Consider the consequences.

Some of the wording is geared to influence the hearers to rebel against God or to promote Satan worship. When we know that we and our children are sinful creatures, prone by nature to hate God and to obey Satan, let us be aware of the dangers that surround us in the form of "music" and not allow ourselves or our children to listen to such noise.

This evil "music" is harmful to the human race. However, an even greater reason to avoid and condemn it is that it is so offensive to God who has given the gift of music. Satan and his willing followers (producers and listeners alike) misuse this gift. Satan would, if he could, misuse music to the eternal destruction of every living soul and thereby attempt to minimize the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Notice, we said if he could, but we believe that he cannot do this as he would like. Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ! Do not underestimate the power it has to influence. A very serious consequence is the hardening and searing of the conscience with repeated listening.

Thankfully, there is also a lot of good Christian music available. It also has the power to influence, especially if it be accompanied with the power and blessing of the Holy Spirit. We call to mind the history of King Saul whose evil spirit was overpowered by the music played by the God- fearing David. Let this example alone suffice to encourage us to acquire a substantial inventory of such God-honouring music in our homes to prayerfully listen to with our children that it may be a means to overcome the influences of evil music. Now we may encourage you and say triumphantly, by faith in God, "Do not underestimate the power that God- honouring music has to influence. Consider the consequences. A soul may be torn out of the grip of Satan."

All music that we listen to should meet the following criteria:

  • Do the words promote love to God and sing of His praises?
  • Do they acknowledge the truth of God’s Word?
  • Do they submit and encourage to submit to the Law of God (Ten Commandments)?
  • Is the beat or accompaniment to the words harmonious, soothing, or soul uplifting?

If you can answer yes to these questions, listen to the music and pray for God’s blessing.

On the other hand:

  • Do the words promote sinful lusts and ideas rebellious against God and His Word?
  • Do they promote obedience to, and worship of, Satan?
  • Do they encourage towards selfish humanistic behaviour?
  • Is the beat jarring, rough, and unsettling?

If you must answer yes to these questions, do not listen to the "music." Turn it off or dispose of it, and pray for discerning and protecting grace from these evil influences.