Parents Pitch In

Everybody is busy today. Perhaps too busy sometimes. Did you ever want to do more for your children - more for your school? Well, here is a way for busy parents to help their children in a memorable way and be a help for the school at the same time, without taking a lot of time. You don’t have to do everything on the list - just pick one or two.

1. Once a month, volunteer to read a story to children in the lower grades. Kids love to be read to, and it will help teachers by giving them a few minutes to mark papers, etc.

2. Arrange to visit an older class to tell them about your choice of vocation. Tell them about educational requirements, how to search for a job, what the working environment is like, etc.

3. Volunteer as a library aide. Many already do this. There is a ton of work to be done and we can always use help cataloging books, typing in a database, etc.

4. When a special school event occurs, make a point of contacting others who may be interested. Offer to give them a ride, discuss the event, etc.

5. Share your hobbies and travels with the school. Set up a display of a collection you have, or show pictures of your trip, etc.

6. Go with a class on a field trip. Offer to be a chaperone, assist in arranging the trip, etc.

7. Organize a fund-raising event for a specific class or purpose. This may result in books being purchased for the classroom library, perhaps a computer or some software, etc.

8. Offer to demonstrate a special shop skill that you may have. This could be something like picture framing, welding, lathe turning, a finishing technique, etc.

9. Help out in improving the school grounds. Plant a tree, plant some flowers, perhaps trim a bush.

10. Donate a copy of a favorite book to the library. Write a word of recommendation for it and share the recommendation with a faculty member.