The Diary of a Bible

If your copy of the Word of God could speak and tell of its usage, what would it say about your "devotional habits?"

January 15: "I’ve been resting quietly for a week. The first few nights after the first of the year my owner read me regularly; but now he has forgotten me, I guess."

February 2: "cleaned up. I was dusted today, along with other things, and put back in my place."

February 22: "My owner used me for a short time after dinner. Looked up a few references. Going to Sunday school tomorrow."

March 7: "Cleaned up. Dusted, and in my old place again. Have been down in the lower hall since my trip to Sunday school."

April 2: "Busy day. My owner led a Christian Endeavor meeting and had to look up references. He had an awful time finding me, although I was right there in my place all the time."

May 5: "In Grandma’s lap. She is here on a visit. Today she let a tear drop on Colossians 2:5-7."

May 6: "In Grandma’s lap again this afternoon. She spent most of her time on 1 Corinthians 13, and the last four verses of the fifteenth chapter."

May 7-9: "In Grandma’s lap every afternoon now. It’s a comfortable spot. Sometimes she reads me, and sometimes she talks to me."

May 10: "Grandma’s gone. Back in my old place again. She kissed me goodbye."

June 4: "Had a couple of four-leaf clovers stuck in me today."

July 1: "Packed in a suitcase with clothes and other things. Off on a vacation, I guess."

July 7: "Still in the suitcase."

July 10: "Still in the suitcase, although nearly everything else has been taken out."

July 15: "Home again and in my old place. Quite a journey, although I don’ t see why I went, for I was never taken out of the suitcase."

August 1: "Rather stuffy and hot. Have two magazines, a novel and an old hat on top of me. Wish they would take them off."

September 10: "Cleaned up. Dusted and set right again."

September 22: "Used by Mary a few minutes today. She was writing a letter to a friend whose brother died and wanted an appropriate verse."

October 1: "Back in my old place again, Not even dusted this week. I seem to be used only for emergencies. Wonder why they bother with me at all?"