"Daddy," said a little boy as he climbed to his father’s knee and looked into his face as if he understood the importance of the subject, ’Daddy, is your soul insured’?"

The father, who was a prosperous farmer, looked startled. ’ What on earth are you thinking about, my son’." He replied. "Why do you ask that question’!"

"Well, daddy, I heard Uncle George say that you had your house insured, and your life insured hut he didn’t believe you had thought of your soul, and he was afraid you would lose it. Won’t you get insured right away."

The father leaned his head on his hand, and was silent. He owned acres of land that were covered with a bountiful harvest, his barns were filled with plenty. his buildings were well covered by insurance. He had, the day before, taken out a life policy for a large amount. Yet not one thought had he given to his own immortal soul. On that which was to waste away he had spared no pains, but for that which was to live on through the long ages of eternity, he had made no provision. "What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his soul’?" "How shall we escape it’we neglect so great salvation" (Mark 8: 36, Hebrews 2:3).


The Three Mockers

In a little seaport town a preacher from a different region was to preach the Word of God on a certain Sunday evening. Every seat in the church was occupied. When the preacher was ready to commence his sermon, he suddenly stopped speaking and for some time stood silent in the pulpit. The congregation thought that the minister had become ill, but suddenly he spoke. and said: "It is now precisely fifteen years ago since I have been in this same church. Among the hearers at that time were three young men who had planned to ridicule the minister who was then preaching here. They also had stones in their pockets with which they were going to disturb the service. ’Let’s throw now,’ said one of the three. ’No,’ said one of the others, ’let’s wait a few minutes yet to hear what he will say.’ After a few minutes had passed the other said again, ’I know it all now ... let’s throw! ’ The third, however, said, ’We’d better not carry out our plan this evening.’ The other two then left, being very angry, but the third young man remained to listen. The fate of each of these three young men proved to be as follows: the first one was put to death at Thyburn for forgery; the second one became a murderer. He was captured and locked up in prison, where he is still suffering for his crime. By the grace of God, the third one came to conversion and is now standing here before you, having received the unmerited privilege of proclaiming the Gospel." The preacher then began his sermon.