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One day when John Flavel was in London, his book­seller told him the following story:


Some time ago, a cheerful gentleman entered his store, looking for a book of plays. The bookseller told the man that he didn’t sell such books, but offered the man a book by John Flavel, which was better than a book of plays. The gentleman read the title, skimmed some of the pages and then began to make nasty remarks about the contents and the author. His words were completely mocking.


But the bookseller stood firm and tried to sell the man the book in spite of his comments. “Sir,” the bookseller suggested, “why don’t you just take that book home with you. If you find that there really isn’t anything good in that book, just bring it back and I will refund you your money.”


Laughing, the gentleman agreed, thinking to himself that the bookseller was a strange man.


However, a month later, the gentleman was back in the bookstore, speaking very differently. The book had made a great impression on him. God had become too strong for the man and converted him. The gentleman was deeply thankful that he had received such a valuable treasure in such a wonderful way. During his second visit to the bookstore, he bought 100 copies of John Flavel’s book to share with his friends and acquaintances.


Thus God blessed the work of the bookseller, who didn’t want to sell anything that could damage people’s souls. If only there were many like the bookseller, also in our days.

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